Ghost Town: Cisco, Utah

This site contains a collection of memorabilia, relevant & irrelevant information about the town of Cisco, Utah. Cisco is located approximately 6 miles south of I-70 in eastern Utah on Old Route 6, in the vicinity of Arches & Canyonlands National Parks.

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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Butch Cassidy Slept Here - Dreamride LLC of Moab, Utah

Moab wears a bandana over its nose. Butch Cassidy used to hide out in town, living comfortably with families he supported by having the fastest horses in the west. His partner, the man who made Butch famous through his courage and daring, Harvey Logan, alias Kid Curry, avenged the death of his mentor, Flat Nose George Curry, just thirty miles north of town. Bill McCarty's Blue Mountain Gang were the first outlaws in Utah territories, hiding out just thirty miles south. Cyd Swasey escaped a posse just west of here by jumping over 20 feet across a five hundred foot drop into a slot canyon. Moab was a rough town. As the "law" moved in, the riff raff and gun fighters were run out, usually ending up in nearby Cisco. Now a ghost town, Cisco was the roughest, sleaziest, most dangerous place in the west for quite some time. We can actually put you in a hotel, a brothel removed from its foundation to float down the river from Cisco. It now sits within short walking distance of our shop. We can take you to old log hideouts, legendary lookouts and Jail Rock. We love this stuff. We also specialize in Indian history, but that usually takes place on our Navajo Reservation rides. Elite clients can check out books on Cowboys and Indians from our library. We also have a collection of DVDs to enjoy.

Toll free booking at 1 (888) MOAB UTAH.
From outside of the United States, call 435-259-6419.
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