Ghost Town: Cisco, Utah

This site contains a collection of memorabilia, relevant & irrelevant information about the town of Cisco, Utah. Cisco is located approximately 6 miles south of I-70 in eastern Utah on Old Route 6, in the vicinity of Arches & Canyonlands National Parks.

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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Getting to Moab, Utah via Cisco

IF YOU ARE DRIVING TO MOAB FROM DENVER OR GRAND JUNCTION: Drive a schedule that allows you to get to Moab in the light of day. Taking exit 202 (Scenic Byway 128--marked with the beehive) off of Interstate 70 west of Grand Junction will put you on one of the most beautiful roads in the country. The exit is marked for Cisco, Utah. Taking exit 212, which is also marked for Cisco, works as well, but puts you on a more primative road. If you pass exit 212 and keep driving for another few miles, you will turn off the freeway at the second Cisco exit (202). It is marked for Cisco like the first exit, but also noted with a beehive marker indicating a scenic byway (State Highway 128). Go left over the freeway and watch for the right hand turn in a mile or two that will take you to Moab. If you tavel through Cisco, understand that it is a ghost town with no services, no residents, just a funky general store, so don't go there, unless you want to see a funky ghost town in the middle of nowhere next to a boat ramp. Cisco was a gunfighter town in the days of the old west. This is where people who were not social enough to hang out in Moab gathered to kill one another for sport. By the way, Hiway 128 can be very dangerous during winter months due to ice in the shadows on the road. In winter, take Highway 191 South just past Thomson. Crescent Junction, where Hiway 191 heads south to Moab from Interstate 70, no longer has a gas station, so the only gas you will find is in Grand Junction, Mack (just a few miles past Fruita), and then not for another approximate 55 miles in Thomson which is around 35 miles from Moab. Fuel up and take lots of water, just in case.


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